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Team Building Everyday

Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.

— Casey Stengel

A common tendency of leaders to overestimate our abilities.

We are excellent communicators and charismatic motivators. And without external feedback, such as from employee surveys, our version of reality is never challenged.

Team building is another one of those essential leadership skills. And while they recognize its importance, many leaders mistakenly believe that team building is reserved for special team-building events. The kind where employees are taken out of the office and put in unique and fun situations.

Not surprisingly, effective leaders engage in some form of team building activity everyday. And we don’t need to wait on survey results or arrange for external feedback. Like professional sports, our team’s performance accurately reflects the leader’s ability to build, manage, and sustain high performing teams.

How was your team’s season last year?



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Greg Sweeney

Greg Sweeney


Leader. Futurist. Father. Veteran. I write mostly about the trends and issues facing the cyber ecosystem, leadership, and workforce strategies.