Dealing With Attrition

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An organization that is used to everyone leaving within a few years has to get good at accepting changes, conserving knowledge, and so on. If we could do it as 18–21-year-olds, surely your company can pull it off as well.

Aviv Ben-Yosef’s article resonates with me on so many levels because in cybersecurity, attrition is a foregone conclusion. The self-induced, global cybersecurity workforce challenge, ensures that.

What I find frustrating is the compulsiveness employers have to hang on to every single existing employee. It’s crazy for two simple reasons.

First, it’s impossible. And second, because it’s absolutely unnecessary.

A good cyber talent management program provides for attrition through intelligent hiring, robust talent development, and persistent and actionable succession planning.

Surprisingly enough, these same strategies are very effective in mitigating the impacts of the workforce challenge that employers love to complain about.



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Greg Sweeney

Greg Sweeney


Leader. Futurist. Father. Veteran. I write mostly about the trends and issues facing the cyber ecosystem, leadership, and workforce strategies.